About Us

Fil d'or, located at 73 Rue de Lyon, Geneva, is a pioneering haberdashery dedicated to the art of sewing and handicrafts for years. We are here to inspire artists and hobbyists with our extensive product range and help bring their projects to life.

Why Choose Fil d'or?

We offer a variety of sewing accessories, furniture accessories, and support products for sewing machines. We provide everything you need to enhance the performance of your sewing machines, including bulbs, spools, special oils, and more.

Product Variety

We have a wide range of products to meet your sewing needs. Achieve perfection in your projects with our sharp scissors, rotary cutters, marking tools, measuring instruments, and mannequins. We cater to all needs with our needles, cutting materials, and many other sewing supplies.

Special Design Products

We meet your special design needs with our underwear and corset products, and in our decoration category, you can find bias tapes, trims, ribbons, and much more. Also complete your projects with our sewing threads, embroidery threads, quilting threads, and a rich selection of zippers and buttons.

Visit Us

You can find everything you need for your projects at Fil d'or. Come explore our unique collection by visiting our store or by checking out our online store. Each product is carefully selected to enhance your creativity and personalize your projects.